Bloodletting-induced cardiomyopathy: reversible cardiac hypertrophy in severe chronic anaemia from long-term bloodletting with cupping

Sohn IS1, Jin ES, Cho JM, Kim CJ, Bae JH, Moon JY, Lee SH, Kim MJ.
Eur J Echocardiogr. 2008 Sep;9(5):585-6. Epub 2008 Jun 23.

Author information

Cardiovascular Center Kyunghee East-West Neo Medical Center, 149 Sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul 134-727, South Korea.


Cardiac hypertrophy in a patient with severe iron deficiency anaemia associated with long-term bloodletting using cupping, called ‘puhang’ in oriental medicine, and is discussed using chest electrocardiographic and radiographic images. With iron supply, the patient showed remarkable improvement of cardiomegaly, which is a unique feature of chronic severe iron deficiency anaemia.

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