Imala (diversion of morbid materials)

Imala means ‘diversion’ of matter from one part of the body to another. This technique is specially used for the treatment of conditions where hyperaemia (Imtala-e- damvi) causes certain problems. Through this method, the flow of matter is diverted to the opposite side. As a result, the congestion of the affected part is reduced substantially in a natural way.

The main objectives of Imala (Diversion of morbid materials) are:

  • To relieve pain and nervous irritability and burning sensation
  • To relieve the hyperemesis gravidarum (Qai-e- hawamil)
  • To dissolve or subside inflammatory conditions like lipoma and tumours
  • To absorb fluids or matters accumulated in hypodermic spaces or cavities.
  • To cure baldness and favus (sa’fa), ringworm (qooba), waste matters (mawad-e- fasida), moles (saaleel), filariasis (da-ul- feel), meningitis (sarsaam) and pneumonia (zaat-ur-riya)


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