General Description:

ABK HIJAMA CUPS marketed by New Ellora Enterprises are the novel and excellent products for treatment and healthcare integrated with traditional prophetic medicine and modern technology. Their operation is easy, safe and reliable, so they are warmly welcomed by customers.

Prophetic traditional therapy has a long history, popular spread everywhere, and is commonly called Traditional prophetic medicine “TPM”. The “ABK” brand cups series products pushed out by New Ellora Enterprises cast away such disadvantage of ancient cupping therapy as inconvenience in operation, getting burn easily, no safety, limited treating sites, and limited scope of applications, and change the dispelling air by fire to air exhaust by vacuum, allowing the cupping device sucked on the surface cupping points of the body to cause local congestion, promote free passage in human channels and collaterals, eliminate wind-evil and wetness – evil, expel coldness-evil and remove toxins, cure diseases and strengthen human body.

The products may be used in clinical treatment and household self-health care.



Activating Blood Circulation Pull out Vacuum Apparatus



Scope of application:

This products is kind of device used for cupping therapy in clinical treatment and healthcare.

Repair and maintenance:

  1. The vacuum gun may be dissembled by self, and the dirt in the gun barrel should be cleaned away regularly. After cleaning, some lubricating oil may be placed around the periphery of the rubber bowl.
  2. When the air exhaust of the vacuum gun is not enough, replace the rubber bowl and continue to use after installment.

Main Features:

Pull out a vacuum apparatus Used air evacuated technique, which absorbs the cupping apparatus on body surface and reduces the pain on your body Safe plastic cupping without fire,Have no side effect

Main indicators of the product:

The main indicator parameters of vacuum gun and vacuum cup of the product are shown in Table 1.



Remove the inside the breeze cold wet hot poison, health care gift, old and little all proper, New health care gift, Send the friend, Elegant features, Species assorts, Economy enduring


Pure physical therapy, Safe and quickly, Clinical application,

Problems in use and their treatment:

The problems related with cupping and their specific means of treatments may be seen in detail as Table 2.


Condition: New: A brand –new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packing is applicable). It may be delivered in printed box.

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