Qai (Emesis/Vomiting)

Qai (emesis or therapeutic vomiting) is the forceful expulsion or evacuation of the gastric contents of one’s stomach through the mouth and sometimes through the nose. The main purpose of therapeutic vomiting is to eliminate toxic or morbid materials from the gastro-intestinal tract. The drugs used for this purpose are known as emetics. Therapeutically this process have been used by ancient Unani physicians to treat certain body ailments.

The main objectives of (vomiting) Qai are:

  • To treat disease like headache  (Sudaa’) and migraine (Shaqeeqa)
  • To resolve tonsillitis (Iltehaab-e- lauzatain)
  • To treat pneumonia (Zaat-ur- riya)
  • To cure bronchial asthma (Zeeq-un- nafas shu’bi)
  • To cure mental disorders, e.g. Mania (Junoon) and Melancholia (Maali Khooliya)


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