Bulging Vertebral Disc


Bulging vertebral disc pain is related to the back/spine and makes a person’s life a misery. A lot of people feel high amount of pain and some eventually become disabled. Normal healthy spine discs are like cushions that have a consistent figure, which divides each set of vertebrae in the back. The discs are compiled with a strong outer covering called the annulus, with the centre made out of a soft jelly compound called the nucleus. When the outer covering tears for some reason, the jelly in middle starts to shift due to the weakness of the covering and forms a bulge. This can happen to a person for many reasons such as car accidents,training with weights, falling etc.  It can also be a genetic weakness or build up of toxins in the body. Toxins have the ability to weaken the tissue, the more toxins there are the stronger it gets. If the wall covering is damaged the toxins have a better chance to damage the area even more.

These toxins normally build up in your system because of a poor diet plan e.g. drinking, smoking, fatty food, pollution, not drinking enough water and no exercise. All these elements have an effect on the spine. With Allah’s mercy one of the amazing thing about the spinal discs is they are structured to not feel any pain. This may sound shocking as there are lot of people who complain about spinal pain, but if you think about for example the weight of a car and the shock absorbers in a car tyre area, your spinal discs work in a similar way. Now you can imagine how much pressure the spine has to take throughout our lives. If the spinal discs were designed to feel pain, then every time we absorbed a shock, the whole of mankind would’ve been in agony every single day and there would’ve been disaster! Make sense right?

So why is this spinal problem so painful? Well behind the spinal discs we have the spinal nerves, and everyone knows nerves are designed to feel. So when a person faces an injury, in this case bulging discs, the bulge apply pressure to the nerves and causes pain. This pain can result to disability as there are vital nerves that run up our spine, which sends signals for many tasks and jobs, if these information are interrupted then the body will not function well. Cervical spine pain, which is the neck area can trigger and affect other parts of the body such as shoulders, arms, headaches, nausea and even blurred vision. All these symptoms can arise because of nerve disruption. Bulging disc pain in the thoracic area, which is the upper back between the shoulder blades, can result to upper back pain, pain around the ribcage and headaches. Bulging disc pain the lower back can lead to low back pain, pain in the legs, feet, bowel and even sexual organ dysfunction.

How can this problem be fixed? Doctors normally recommend pain killers and muscle relaxing drugs. If the problem intensifies pain injections are used and if it continues then surgery is performed. These treatment success rates are very low because the whole purposes of pain killers are to numb the nerve area. You will get temporary relief, however the damaged area will not be healed.

Blood flow is the key to healing the damaged area. Bulging discs do not receive good blood flow; we all know blood carries oxygen and nutrients to supply the cells with energy and recovery. Therefore when blood flow finds it difficult to reach these areas, the patient starts to face these painful problems. So what kind of treatment is best for this problem? There are alternative medicines out there for bulging disc pain and many are very effective for this problem.

For example Hijama therapy (bloodletting/wet cupping therapy) can be effective for eliminating toxins and promoting good blood flow in a specific area. When negative pressure gets applied on the skin, different endorphins get triggered for recovery. Hijama has so many other benefits and this healing procedure has been practised for thousands of years. From our experience we have realised combining therapy’s can give better results. Other therapies such as chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture has shown to help people with healing. A lot of people turn to different types of steroids as these steroids are known to recover damaged tissue faster and increase blood flow. When dealing with these powerful drugs patient must inform and have a medical doctor aid the whole procedure as side effects can occur.

As Muslims we always ask Allah for help. Allah is with the patient ones, whatever pain you are suffering from, Insha Allah you will get purified and Allah knows best. Ameen.

Source: globalhijama.com

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