Hijama in illness

When a patient is complaining of a particular condition, i.e. they are not in good health, but suffering from a particular illness for which Hijama is indicated then this is termed Hijama-bil-Mardh (Hijama in illness).

In illness the rules of Hijama are different. For this reason Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal would have Hijama at any time of the month and hour of the day as a result of the need of performing Hijama due to illness. When performing Hijama for a specific illness it should be done at those points of the body indicated for the illness and the rules of the amount of blood being removed etc. should be adhered to for maximum benefit. These are discussed in the Hijama treatment guide. This type of Hijama is very specialized and involves two major aspects, the correct selection of points (or superficial yeins) to bleed and removing the correct amount of blood in order to effect cure of the patient’s illness. It is also highly recommended to use herbal preparations in association with the Hijama to address deficiencies/excesses present and treat cold or heat that is present.

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