“The level of service at KEY TO CURE is fantastic. Having had many treatments from them, as I was suffering from migraines and other problems and am now free from them all, Alhamdulillah and also Thank you!”

Ibrahim – Dewsbury

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a cure for all the ailments I’ve been suffering from but thanks to KEY TO CURE as they were recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” May Allah reward you.

Shabana – Manchester

“I was suffering from something the doctors could not pin point for a few years but subhanAllah after two treatments I was cured by the permission of Allah. Alhumdulilah & Jazzakallahu khayran to KEY TO CURE.

Zaida – Bradford

“I’ve tried so hard to lose weight with exercise and dieting but it goes only to a certain point. After having the slimming treatment I was able to reach my target and my skin is all toned up too, I’m so glad I found this relaxing treatment which actually works without exercise, thanks”

Judy – Leeds

“I was suffering from back pain, I don’t know what the brother did to me but it was amazing, alhumdulilah, I feel great.”

Talab – Doncaster

“I used to wake up with a headache every day, but just one session and my headaches have gone and I feel like a new person, thanks to Key to cure it really works”!

Faisal – Leeds

‘Due to my deterioration health condition, I have regular cupping sessions from KEY TO CURE, the procedure is easy and harmless, and you always feel rejuvenated and lighter after a session. I would recommend cupping after all the angels of Allah recommended this as it occurs in the hadith. I have used several therapists in the past but found Key to Cure to very professional and most hygienic’

Abu Muhammad – Leeds

‘I suffered from migraines but after just two treatments, I have had no further attacks. There has been headaches from time to time and these have responded to a simple 500 mg dose of Paracetamol. I have also stopped taking indigestion remedies has well because my stomach feels settled.

After two treatments for cervical arthritis & my neck is no longer painful. My blood circulation has improved and the Oedema in my legs has subsided, also an unknown lump in my back has disappeared too.’

Jameela – Leeds

‘I have suffered from severe back pains for many years & tried all sorts from chiropractors to acupuncture & many more but nothing gave me the relief the way hijama therapy did. I travel almost 2 hours via train to get to Key to Cure and find it very beneficial each time. They offer a great service & are very professional; they also give other good advice. I recommend Key to Cure to anyone.’

Sahina – Newcastle upon Tyne

The experience with Chicago Hijama was great. The fact that they have revived and allowed us to partake in this sunnah alone is unmatched. However, the care by which they take you through the process helps relieve any trepidation and eases the patient throughout the process. I look forward to going back whenever I can

Sa’ad Quadri , English Teacher, Chicago IL

Very pleasant experience especially since this was the first time for me. The waiting area was very clean and professional. Fahad did an excellent job making me feel comfortable with the whole process.

Basit Majid, Bartlett

This was my first time getting Hijama. The results were so great Mashallah. Thanks sister Halima for doing an excellent job and being extra caring and supportive. I feel great after getting the hijama done. I feel more relaxed and happy. May Allah always bless Sister Halima and her family for bringing the sunnahs in other people life. I have alot more energy now. I feel like complete new person.

Anum Umrani,Chicago

Alhamdulillah, this was my first time I practised this Sunnah and I have to say that Fahad did it in a very professional manner in a very clean and comfortable environment.

I highly recommend to get Hijama done at least once in a lifetime to revive this Sunnah especially when you have access to such an excellent practitioner.

Yusuf, Chicago

Immediately after, I felt so soothed, calmed, and energized Alhamdulillah!

It’s a sunnah, you know it’s gotta do something.

SA, Chicago, IL

I had a very positive experience. Sister Halima took care of me from the moment I entered. She explained the procedure, made sure I was comfortable throughout the appointment, and ensured I felt well before I went home. I feel amazing Alhamdulillah– no dizziness or weakness. I actually felt so much energy on my way home and continue to feel increased energy and clarity. My cravings for coffee and sweets have waned completely! InshaAllah I will continue to visit Chicago Hijama for my hijama needs. And a big thanks to Brother Fahad for being very accommodating and flexible with my appointment time.

Jameela, Chicago, IL

Assalaamu `alaykum, I had hijama done for the first time a few weeks ago. I have food allergies, seasonal allergies and many more health issues. Alhumdulillah, I have noticed an immediate decrease in all of my symptoms – even strong medications have not provided me with such relief. Initially I was scared of the process but Alhumdulillah the sister made it go by very quick with the least amount of discomfort. It has definitely reaffirmed the fact that there is no doubt in the barakah of sunnah of the Prophet (alayhis salaam) for me. I would recommend anyone with asthma and allergies to get hijama done.

MK, Educator, Chicago

This was my first time getting hijama done. I really wanted to get it done for a couple of months up until the night before my appointment. I made the mistake of searching hijama on youtube. I was scared and canceled my appointment that morning. But Brother Fahad called me and really eliminated my fears. He went through the procedural steps and spoke about the benefits of fulfilling this sunnah. Sister Halima did a wonderful job; she was kind, welcoming, and above all very professional in her work. May Allah Ta’ala reward them for their efforts and put more barakah in their service.

Sister in Islam, Dental Student, Oak Brook, IL

Assalamu Alaikum,

This was my very first experience getting Hijama and all I can say is that it truly was a great experience. May Allah SWT bless brother Fahad for his efforts in reviving this Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). If you are concerned how painful this will be then just know that there is no pain at all. You will only feel the suction cup tightening your skin and then as if someone is writing on your back, that’s all. I feel so energetic after I had Hijama, this was truly worth it. In Sha Allah, I plan to continue getting it done in future also…

Jazak Allah.

Mohammed, Bloomington, IL

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullah! First of all I would like to thank Allah (swt) for giving us this opportunity to experience this great Sunnah of our Prophet (saw). Secondly, we would like to thank Br. Fahad and his wife for accepting us in their busy schedule. It was our first experience to try this amazing procedure and we are glad to follow the Sunnah of Prophet(saw). I’ve been going through this weird neck and arms pain for the past couple of years. Tried a lot of conventional medical procedures with no results. AlhamduLillah, I felt immediate freshness and energy right after the procedure and so did my wife. Br. Fahad and his wife did the procedure with absolute professionalism and ease. We did not feel any pain or discomfort at all. May Allah (swt) reward them multi-fold and give more shifa in their efforts. We will definitely recommend everyone regardless of any ailment or not to try this at least with the intention of following the Sunnah. InshAllah, this should help everyone. JazakomAllah Khair. – Zamans

Mohammed A Zaman, Bloomington, IL

May Allah reward you for the reviving this beautiful and long forgotten sunnah. What an amazing experience. I have felt so many benefits since having my first session including immediate relief from lower back pain that I have suffered from for over 12 years, alhamdulillah. Even my teeth feel cleaner (like that clean feeling right after a dental checkup). My skin has cleared up nicely as well. The setup is so professional, very sanitary, clean, inviting, and even smells good aH. Communication is excellent via email for scheduling appointments, followups, and questions. Also, Sister Halima really put me at ease with her explanation and advice during the process. It is a real blessing to have this sunnah available to us. I am looking forward to having regular treatments iA. Sister Halima is extremely inviting, warm, professional, and knowledgeable about this wonderful sunnah. What a blessing to the community aH!

Sumaiya, Stay at Home Mom, Chicago, I

I found Hijama as one of the easiest and most productive way of curing diseases. I didn’t feel any pain instead I felt as though someone is writing with a pen on my back. It is a sunnah of our prophet Mohammad may Allah be pleased with him. I would recommend every muslim should perform hijama atleast every 6 months.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman, Student, Chicago, IL


I’ve had great results from getting hijama done. This is my 6, or 8th time that I’ve had it done in the past year. The fist few months, I did not feel any significant changes. However, afterwards I’ve felt great changes in the next couple of days of having it done. Its been great Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilah, Its helped with the pain that I’ve had due to Rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve gone away from treatment of doctors and it has helped a lot. Alhamdulillah.

Anas Gandhi, Student

I got Hijama done in December We did the Sunnah points as well as an additional one for my food allergies and food intolerances.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve been feeling much much better since that treatment. I feel as though 80% of my digestive issues have been resolved. I’m certain that there’s still work to be done, and inshaAllah, as time and schedule permits (since we live out of town), I’d like to come in for another session.

Jazakillah khair for your kindness and expertise.

Sister in Islam, Housewife, Madison, Wisconsin


I got a couple of hijama sessions done after being referred by a friend. It was nothing short of a miracle for me, as my severe chronic migraine pain almost disappeared. I had tried every posssible doctor and treatment before hearing about this. The procedure was trouble free, painless, smooth, and effective. I am currently attending maintainence sesssions and I keep going back for it because of the other bonuses I get in addition to migraine relief, like positive energy, sinus relief, neck pain relief, and a relaxed feeling. For people out there who have any doubts in regards to pain or effectiveness, I can testify that its as painless and effective as it gets.

Posted By: Fatima


I got Hijama done after I was referred by my cousin. I feel so relieved after it. I used to have stress headaches and neck pain but after Hijama it is much better Alhamdulillah. I would suggest getting it done as it is reviving a Sunnah of the beloved Prophet and Inshallah it will also bring cure along with it.

Adil Siddiqui, Rolling Meadows

Alhumdulillah my first hijama experience was great. It was a smooth process, painless, and was not time consuming. Brother Fahad is thoroughly professional about the procedure and makes you feel comfortable at all times. Highly recommended. Jzk.

Faisal, Entrepreneur, Aurora, IL

This was my first time getting Hijama and the experience was pleasant. Not painful and i have full faith that it will assist in healing my migraines. Brother Fahad has a great way about him and will put you at ease.

Zubaire Qurrum, Naperville, IL

Assalaamu’alaikum, Alhumdulillah it was my first time getting hijama done. Alhumdulillah very rare opportunity and pleasant experience that ALLAH (swt) allow me to have. I did not feel any pain at all. May ALLAH (swt) allow all Muslilm brothers and sisters to revive this Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), Ameen.

Meraj Qadri, Chicago, IL

I was exercising one day and woke up on the wrong side of the bed the next day with really bad lower back injury. I was in extreme lower back pain for 3 days straight not to mention I thought my basketball days were over. The second the blood and sludge started draining from my body it was absolute relief. That bad blood was simply abusing my injury. Most importantly oxygen was now able to access that area that was being suffocated. I wasnt able to walk or lay down or do anything the day before hijama. After doing hijama I ran a full sprint to jummah that same day!!!

Adil Subhani, Skokie, IL

For quite a few years, I have been trying and looking for anything that would help my horrific acne that has left behind scars. Nothing seemed to have worked but Alhumdulillah, after just one Hijama treatment, I saw results in a week!!! Not only that it is working, but I also got to fulfill a Sunnat of our Beloved Prophet SAW. I for one will surely have it performed again and recommend it to everyone. Not painful at all, therapist is professional and well experienced; totally worth it!!

Zubair Vhora, Student, Harvey, IL

Asalaamu’alaikum, Alhumdulillah it was my first time getting hijama done. I have had a shoulder dislocation that I was unable to fully recover from and after getting hijama done to both shoulders, Alhumdulillah they feel significantly better than before, thanks Br. Fahad for this great opportunity, may Allah (SWT) help us all benefit from this sunnah.

Hass-Saan Kareemullah

Alhamdulillah this was my first time doing hijama. It was a very positive experience from start to finish. Sister completely put me at ease. The next day i had so much energy i cleaned half my house!

Nazneen K, stay at home mom

Alhamdulilah, this was a rare opportunity to fulfill the sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (Sallahu alihe wassalam). Not only was it spiritually rewarding, but physically as well. I got Hijama done on my back & shoulders and they felt very relaxed afterwards. I slept very well after I got Hijama and woke up full of energy and very fresh. Br. Fahad’s experience & professional setup made this unique experience even better.

I definitely recommend it as a way of reviving the sunnah and also alleviating any illness you may have. May Allah reward the organizers behind Chicago Hijama for investing their time and effort, Ameen.

Mufti Hussain Kamani, Chicago, IL

First of all it’s to revive the Sunnah of Resulullah which we should learn and practice in our daily life. It was rare opportunity and very pleasant experience that Allah s.w. allow me to have. Sister is well organized,fast, and very gentle , talking through steps into detail so you learn so much about hijama. I did not feel pain or anything , but after a few hours I felt much lighter and more energetic then before. Wonderful feeling May Allah s.w. allow all Muslim brothers and sisters to revive our Sunnah.May Allah s.w. bless our Sister and all Muslims. Amin

Vasvija Colpa, Banker, Chicago, IL


Allahumdulillah, I was blessed with an opportunity by allah to practice upon a sunnath of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAS). It has been a magnificent experience, at first by the looks of it I thought it would be painful, but when the process was in action on me I didn’t feel much, it was like a twig on my back. For the people who are out there and want to get Hijamah too and it is their first time, believe me it’s not even close to what you’re expecting. I am recommending you to go to this place, but with an intention of practicing upon a sunnath. Get one done on yourself and once it’s done, enjoy a splendid feeling which is the feeling of refreshment.

Juvairia Abid, Housewife, IL. Chicago

Finally after so much of search on the internet to find a good professional Islamic Hijama practitioner in US, I found Brother Fahad Ahmed at chicagohijama. Alhumdulillah, had it done for the first time. It not only makes you feel great, relieved of stress and energized but at the same time you will be fulfilling the sunnah and practicing what came down from heavens.

Murtuza Shareef, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This was the first time I had hijama done while being in Chicago (previous experiences overseas were just as amazing) and the experience was just wonderful. Akhi Fahad’s professionalism and talent of performing hijama is a huge blessing for the Chicago community to perform an act of the Sunnah that would be otherwise be forgotten. There is a long line of people that sign up to get this done months in advance so the earlier you reach them, the better. May Allah revive this sunnah within our community and bless the brother and his family for being such wonderful helpers of Chicago area Muslims.

Suhail Moffat

AlhamduLillah it was great opportunIity to be able to revive a forgotten Sunnah. I feel very fortunate that Allah SWT gave me the opportunity in Chicago to be able to emulate a Sunnah of Nabee Kareem Sallallaho alaihi wasallam. I was very impressed by the organization, the confidence and the professionalism of the person performing the Hijamah.

It was very relaxing and soothing. I felt very energised after the procedure. I would recommend this procedure to our Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah SWT give us the tawfiq to act upon the Sunnahs of our beloved Nabee Kareem Sallalaho Alaihi wa’sallam in everything we do. Aameen.

Habiba Basathia, Retired nurse, currently enrolled in Aalimah classes, Naperville

Alhamdulillah, I feel extremely grateful to the Sister and all the people behind Chicago Hijama who have made it so easy and convenient to act upon this lost and forgotten sunnah here in the West. It was such a painless and quick procedure and I would encourage everyone to get it done! In fact, it was kind of fun and you feel so refreshed and revived afterward. May Allah keep this sunnah going!

Sabah Memon, Naperville, IL

This way my first time getting hijama done. Alhamdulillah I was very excited for the opportunity to practice a beneficial and largely forgotten sunnah. The process itself was relatively painless and Brother Fahad’s professional attitude made everything so much smoother. From the email confirmations and appointment setting, to the prep guidelines, and even a follow up email – it was comforting to be guided through this “new” experience every step of the way. May Allah swt bless this effort.

Saud Siddiqui, Student, Lombard, IL

Alhumdulilah performed the Hijama first time in my life. First I didnt feel anything but when I got home I felt really fresh, full of energy, had a good meal and slept like a baby. InshaAllah will be returing & recommending family/friends to help revive the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Saw). It did not hurt at all, its actually a really soothing procedure.

JazakAllah kahrun Fahad bhaii for a great experience.

Adnan Mehmood, Engineer, Woodridge,IL

Got my hijama done for the first time, experience was AH a very positive one. I had been wanting to get it done for a long time but did not know of any reputable Hijama Practioners. I am glad I found one and was able to perform the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (saw).

Jahanzeb Hanafi, Villa Park, IL

My first Hijama experience was painless and went really well. It was very well organized which made me feel really comfortable before the procedure and yes, it doesn’t hurt! InshAllah I plan to have the procedure done twice a year.

Owais, Finance, Chicago

A rare opportunity to practice this Sunnah. Very relaxing. Well organized and the confidence and professionalism of the specialist made me feel all the more comfortable with my decision to practice the Sunnah

Imran A. Khalique, Engineer

My first time getting Hijama done I was kind of skeptical of how it would be, but Alhamdulillah everything thing went smooth and painless. Now I get it done every couple of months to help revive the Sunnah of Rasulullah (S). I have suggested Hijama to many of my friends that have medical issues and others that are looking to act upon an almost forgotten Sunnah.

Moulana Mubeen Kamani, Islamic Scholar & Islamic Studies Teacher, Morton Grove, IL

I woke up daily to back pains from previous sports injuries and the day after I woke up after Hijama, the pain was gone. The best sleep I had in years. You feel great, more energy than before and walk around feeling like a stud because you helped revive a Sunnah. Alhamdulillah, it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, it kind of tickled.

Aziz Kamal, Chicago, IL

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